Why Align?

We think relationships and aligned mindsets are integral to our Unique Process.  Below, learn why, then find our assessment to help us learn more about your own priorities and preferences.

Are your teams
to your goals?
Or are they
to prioritize
your best interest?


Dedicated drafters know priorities are dynamic. They respect your deadlines and needs.


Detached drafters work in arbitrary systems - first-in, first-out, i.e. Don't expect any special consideration.

Cycle Time Savers

Dedicated drafters understand cycle time's importance. They work with your end result in mind.

Black Holes

Detached drafters are slow to answer. You'll be in the dark a lot.


Dedicated drafters look for efficiencies to help both of you out. They see the bigger picture.


Detached drafters protect their own needs. Do it their way, or it won't get done.


Dedicated drafters have a race mindset. They know teamwork is essential in the sprint to the close.

Not Our Job

Detached drafters work in silos - only their parts of the job. They won't collaborate with your key players.

Finish Line

Dedicated drafters may seem slightly more ``expensive,`` but quickly pay for themselves.

Bottom Line

Detached drafters only care about billings - and often cost you more time, money, and energy in the long run.

Hurry Back

Dedicated drafters can't wait to get started on your next money-maker.

See Ya 'Round

Detached drafters have one-and-done mindsets. They don't put thought into lasting relationships.


Dedicated drafters anticipate problems they can solve for you, in any capacity.


Detached drafters have limited focus - on one small aspect of your giant to-do list.

How to Align?

Our 8-question Mindset Assessment helps us understand your priorities and preferences. Your responses help us prepare for our consultations and match you with the best-fit teams and services in our office.