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Unique Individuals, Unified Cores

At Davis Bews Design Group, our passion is to be a heroic company with great people. We make our decisions with an intention to be a hero in all we do, to all of our clients and employees alike. We initiate the change we want to see and we believe leadership drives results. We succeed and fail together, as one team. We have earned an honored reputation in the residential design and drafting industry, with an emphasis on our customer satisfaction and drawing excellence. For that, we are humble, but remain confident in who we are and what we do, and all of the things that set us apart. We hold ourselves accountable and we do what we say; you can always trust us to do the right thing. In everything we do, bring our own energy, with batteries included, and we know our future is always bigger than our past. With that in mind, we strive to always start strong, but finish stronger. We are alert, curious, responsive to, and resourceful of the world around us. We aim to gain a referral from every client and a client from every referral. These values are core to who we are and what we stand for.

Our Mission:

“We are personally committed to establishing a genuine partnership with our clients through exciting design, exceptional drawings, and service that exceeds expectations and contributes to their success.”

We strive to be helpful to our customers and each other. We provide solutions and elevate others to rise to their potential and give energy to others at every interaction.

We believe individual and collective leadership drives results. We are highly confident in our skills and the services we provide, yet we understand that great results come from great collaboration. We succeed and fail together, as one team; we own it, resolve it, and learn from it.

We take seriously an ethical responsibility to treat everyone with the respect and trust that we want to be treated with. We make decisions about and act on things that support all involved and not our own personal needs, desires, entertainment, or beliefs.

We accept responsibility for our words, actions, and decisions. We propagate openness, honesty, and thorough communication We own our optimism, energy, and enthusiasm, and realize our actions drive the results. We take pride in our work and accept nothing less than the best. We honor our commitments no matter the obstacle. We fully deliver, on time, fulfilling those obligations or proactively renegotiating them.

We are self-starters and self-motivators. We are self-managing, alert, curious, responsive, and resourceful. We are always willing to get our hands dirty and hustle to get the job done. We have an abundance mindset; our future is always bigger than our past.

We have a strong vision and a passion that supports it. We hit the ground running and stay focused, always moving forward. We strive to win each and every day, aiming higher and further with each project.

Designing Homes and Futures Since 1994

Our team has worked for more than 20 years to build a reputation of excellence, trustworthiness, and reliability. The companies below have made tremendous impacts on our culture and growth.

Knowledge and information empower individuals to make autonomous decisions. We believe in transparency in all of our relationships, information, and systems.

We are lifelong students of the philosophies and habits of Strategic Coach®The tools we use and relationships we develop help us challenge ourselves to grow and create bigger, better futures for ourselves and our clients.

Our Kolbe Corp education teaches us that not only does everyone think a little differently, but we are naturally programmed to work and respond differently, too.  We invest in learning about how our team and clients are wired to achieve deeper understanding and better, faster results.

Cognitive awareness goes a long way in our office. We study and celebrate one another’s Strengths® to create powerful collaborative groups and understand each other’s perspectives.