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Davis Bews Design Group Interview Portal

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At Davis Bews Design Group, we pride ourselves on leveraging technology whenever possible to buy back time for ourselves and our clients.

We have come to learn and view our job applicants as clients, too.  We have tried this hiring process for the last few years and found it has led us to the best-fit applicants in the shortest amount of time.

If you are seriously considering a position listed below, please take the time to complete ALL steps of the digital interview.

We look forward to learning more about you and your interest in our current employment opportunities!


Although this process can seem a little cumbersome, below are some of the reasons we believe it is in your best interest to undergo this process:

  1. The interview process can be overwhelming. This gives you a chance to put the best version of yourself in front of us – in both written and spoken capacities.  Every find yourself super nervous, or rushing your answers to fill silences? Avoid all of that and take the time you need to give the answer you really mean, without the pressure.
  2. You can get creative! We know the video portion can feel awkward. Feel free to have a little fun with it if you want. Our goal is to hear how you communicate and follow these expectations.  We’re not looking for Academy Award-worthy performances or editing here.
  3. No awkward scheduling conflicts.  If you’re currently employed and having to sneak out to appointments for interviews, you can draw a lot of attention or waste a lot of PTO quickly. Here you can complete your first interview completely on your own schedule.
  4. We only see candidates we are very serious about. If you are scheduled to come see us, you know that we have seen and heard the best versions of what you have to present. Our goal is to minimize unnecessary meetings, not compound them.
  5. You’ll get to complete a real-life sample assignment. So, if you find that you just aren’t interested in it, then this might not be a job for you. Weed yourself out early so you don’t wind up in another job you just don’t want.

Current Vacancies

We are always looking for superstar talent, so if you are interested in any of the positions listed below, please click on the link for a detailed job description and more information on how to apply.

Please direct any questions to admin@davisbews.com.

Executive Assistant
Project Administrator
A&E Project Manager
Residential AutoCAD Technician
Commercial AutoCAD Technician